Our drivers

The success of transport business depends not only on high quality vehicles but the reliable and highly trained drivers. Our experienced drivers know their ways around London perfectly as well as navigate around English and Scotland. Our drivers are smartly dressed, courteous and attentive to your needs.

The dress code for the drivers of our VIP cars is suit, shirt, tie and shoes. The dress code for the drivers of our standard cars is shirt, trousers and shoes.

Most of the clients enjoy their stay in a foreign country; feel more comfortable if they do not have to face language barriers. Communication in native language helps to understand and fulfil any desire of the client, which is very important to us. We recognise it and if requested, try to allocate drivers speaking same language as customer.

We carefully select our drivers, knowing that the customer services is an important skill, especially services for the VIP clientele.  

Our clients feel comfortable and relaxed, cared by our professional drivers. Our partners are always sure that their clients are in safe hands.

24/7 phone:+ 44 (0) 779 284 81 13
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