Our cars

All our vehicles:

- Have a valid licence of London Public Carriage Office (PCO)
- Are in the best technical condition and regularly serviced (MOT)
- Equipped with an air-conditioning, seat belts and airbags
- Always in immaculate condition

Standard class vehicles

These cars are suitable for individual services provided to the clients with all the advantages of a personal driver at a very good rate and quality of services. All standard cars are less than 5 years old.

Standard saloon vehicles

These are highly reliable cars with an engine of at least 1.8 L of Toyota, Audi, Volkswagen, Volvo, Ford or other makes. They suit perfectly the needs of 3 passages with a luggage or 4 passages without luggage for the transfers and rent at a very competitive rate.

During transfer with luggage: x3  x2  x2     Hire or tours: x4

VIP class vehicles

These cars are for those who like comfort and stylish design. The clients will use the services of professional chauffeur and a car of luxury or executive type (Mercedes, BMW, Chrysler). All cars have leather interior and most of them have blackened windows. All of our VIP cars are less than 3 years old.


Excusive cars are designed for those who truly appreciate luxury. The client can experience the comfort of a stylish Bently or RollsRoys  , enjoy the impeccable services of a personal chauffeur. This is the life style and elegance of travel.

We can book and confirm the Exclusive class cars only under the individual request. Special terms and condition apply. Personal chauffeurs are English speaking only.


Minibuses can accommodate small groups up to 16 passengers and offer spacious travel for clients with luggage.

Transport services can booked and confirmed on request. Special terms and condition apply. Drivers are English speaking only.

24/7 phone:+ 44 (0) 779 284 81 13
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