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Londinium Services – is a dedicated team of professionals that are ready to organise your leisure or business trip at any time. We also provide transport and concierge support for your convenience. We will be delighted to help you with the following:

  • restaurant reservations; whether it is an individual reservation on your name or a finalised complex group booking with a chosen menu and full payment in advance;
  • gifts delivery; from flowers, balloons and toys to exclusive collections of wine & champagne delivered to the address of your relatives, friends and business partners;
  • organisation of unusual tours for the most sophisticated demands, access to famous clubs and exclusive events and shows;
  • tickets or hospitality packages for various sport (tennis, soccer, auto racing, horse racing, etc.) and cultural events (musicals, plays, concerts, etc.);
  • any other requests at your choice; our supportive team will respond promptly to all your requests of any kind (within the framework of existing legislation).
24/7 phone:+ 44 (0) 779 284 81 13
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