Londinium Services have quite a few benefits and values, which make us stand out in the UK FIT market for VIP clientele:

-     Emergency mobile number which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have an urgent request in out of office hours or your clients need any help during their stay in the UK, we will always answer your query and always assist you.

-     One e-mail address. Our staff does not have separate e-mails, which allows all of us to be aware of the current correspondence. It helps us to answer all the letters and to make our bookings quickly and effectively, handle all the issues in time.

-     Full control of drivers and the fleet of vehicles. We monitor and guarantee that all our vehicles have fine technical condition; all our drivers are smartly dressed and ensure high quality of our services. We guarantee the standard rate in our price list. We have enough of vehicles in our garage to maintain any volume of transport services. We can ensure highly competitive rates, we can even arrange special promotions and give our partners special offers.

-     Work with the clients through their agencies. We can assure you in our reliability and transparency of our business. We do not make the individual bookings directly.

-     Services to individuals and small VIP groups. We do not provide group travel. We arrange transport services for individuals.or small prearranged groups

-     We can handle any unusual requests.  We do not say “no” to our partners – we can find an answer and a solution to any problem. Well established data base of our contacts, allow us to meet any need of your clients from the delivery of presents and balloons to helicopter charter and castle hire.

-     High reputation and steady growth. Development of any company is a guarantee of a long term partnership. We have enough experience and resources for development and strengthening of our business.

-     Location of our services is not limited by London. We can provide our services all over England, Scotland and Wales.

24/7 phone:+ 44 (0) 779 284 81 13
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